About Me

A dynamic and self – motivated DevOps Engineer. Aspiring for a bright and challenging career in the field of server and application management which would enable me to upgrade myself with emerging trends and technologies.

Personal information

Full Name
Arjon Bujupi


Enterprise App Management

Work Experiences

April 2019 - Present

Senior DevOps Engineer

Verimi GmbH

– Setup and maintain infrastructure in a very restricted and highly secure environment.

– Implement the latest technologies like Kubernetes for container orchestration, Terraform to maintain infrastructure, Ansible as a configuration management tool & CD, Prometheus for metrics and alerts, Elasticsearch to manage logs, Gitlab as a SCM & CI.

– Take ownership and move the applications from the traditional infrastructure to a container orchestration platform.

Oct 2018 - April 2019

DevOps Engineer

Bonial International GmbH

– Set up production ready Kubernetes clusters on Amazon Web Services and manage applications life-cycle.

– Integrate complete monitoring and logging solutions for Kubernetes using Prometheus Operator and
Elastic Stack.

– Research and implement the best ingress controllers for Kubernetes depending on the setup and the

– Add security measures to Kubernetes by implementing image vulnerability scanning in the pipelines restricting docker registries (images) to specific namespaces or cluster-wide using a Kubernetes
Operator and using image signing.

– Setup and maintain Harbor as a docker registry with Clair, Chartmuseum and Notary server.

– Suggest and implement the concept of Kubernetes Operators into the company.

– Design and implement CI/CD on top of Kubernetes using Jenkins and containers which continuously
integrate and rapidly deploy software using automation pipelines.

– Improve and maintain AWS cloud infrastructure using Terraform.

– Provide input for documentation of new or existing solutions to ensure information accessibility.

– Design and build Docker container images.

– Perform code reviews and instill best practices.

Dec 2017 - Oct 2018

DevOps Engineer


Client: Lufthansa Industry Solutions

– Work in all areas of Jenkins setting up CI for new branches, build automation, plugin management and securing Jenkins and setting up master/slave configurations.

– Integrating various Version control tools, build tools and deployment methodologies (scripting) into Jenkins to create an end to end orchestration build cycles.

– Use Ansible for provisioning, configuration management, orchestration and continuous delivery.

– Design, develop build and packaging tools for continuous integration build and reporting. Automate the build and release cycles.

– Coordinate all build and release activities, ensure release processes is well documented, source control repositories including branching and tagging.

– Use automation tools like Ansible and Jenkins for various deployment procedures.

– Code python scripts to implement various monitoring checks.

– Maintain existing programs/scripts and extended Linux system functionality as needed.

– Research monitoring on Azure and exporting data to external monitoring platforms such as Prometheus, Icinga and Graphite.

Dec 2016 - Dec 2017

Linux System Admin

Albanian Armed Forces, Ministry of Defence

РReengineer company’s systems setup, establishing automated server generation routines, optimizing system performance, installing upgrades/patches, establishing system monitoring and maintaining security protocols.

– Ensure that operating systems, software and procedures align with organizational standards and strategic plans.

– Fix major server vulnerabilities by updating components and replacing them with enterprise-class open source alternatives.

– Ensure that assigned systems were engineered, configured and optimized for maximum functionality and availability. Implement solutions that reduce single points of failure and improve system uptime.

Jul 2014 - Oct 2018

DevOps Engineer

Enterprise Albania

– Research, evaluate and implement new technology solutions.

– Reduce technology cost while achieving equal level of service for our business clients.

– Document and implement a disaster recovery plan that included backup schedule policies, regular testing, and off-site recovery plans to ensure data integrity and assurance.

– Develop holistic solutions by analyzing client needs and employing critical thinking in the development of specifications and the evolution of design, implementation and test.


Technical skills and tools

Container Orchestration: Openshift, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm

Version Control Systems: Git

Automation/Build Tools: Jenkins, Docker, Artifactory, Ansible, Gitlab CI, Terraform

Databases: MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Load Balancing: Nginx, HAProxy, Traefik, Varnish

Monitoring: Zabbix, Nagios, Icinga, Prometheus, Grafana, Elasticsearch

Cloud: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Open Telekom Cloud


  • GNU/Linux
  • Open Source Software
  • CI/DI
  • Web Design
  • Marketing
  • After Effects

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